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Dave Pasternack w/Ed Levine

Signed first editions

Dave Pasternack, who has won the best chef in New York award from the James Beard Foundation, will change the way you think about fish. "Nobody knows more about fish, fishing, and fish cooking," says Mario Batali. In his first book, Dave generously shares that knowledge and his philosophy that fresh fish prepared simply is the way to go. From pole to pan, he describes how the popular dishes from his Italian seafood restaurant are born -- Spaghetti with Tuna Meatballs, Spaghetti with Lobster and Chiles, Grilled Snapper with Almond-Oregano Pesto, and, of course, his famous crudo, a take-off on a classic Italian raw fresh preparation that is simply fresh raw fish slices, olive oil, salt and citrus juice. (If for some reason that doesn't sound appetizing, Dave's chapter on crudo will make you a believer.)

Not only is this book filled with great tips and excellent photos, there are great fish tales and casual recipe narratives that offer plenty of substitutions for the more rare ingredients. Even if you live atop the highest mountain or can't get tuna fresher than a can from the grocery store, this book is a treat to read. And for the truly adventurous land lubber, Dave has provided a list of trusted fishmongers who will ship you quality fresh fish overnight. You'll pay for it, but wouldn't it be priceless to serve his crudo at your inland get-together?

Signed by both Pasternack and Ed Levine.

Signed first editions.
Price: 35.00

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