Greenwood: Mississippi Memories, Vol. 1

$ 44.95

Allan Hammons, Mary Carol Miller & Donny Whitehead

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You'll never look at Greenwood the same after flipping through the incredible photographic discoveries made by a first-rate group of local historians -- designer Allan Hammons, writer Mary Carol Miller and collector of ephemera Donny Whitehead.

This team of local researchers uncovered a trove of images that date back to the 1890s, and anyone familiar with the town will marvel at how the downtown area and beyond has changed -- and stayed the same -- over the town's nearly 200-year existence.

In addition to the remarkable photos, this overview of Greenwood and the surrounding area relates the history of the town's first century and is textured with souvenirs and interesting tid-bits collected and passed down over the past century.

An essential keepsake for Greenwood citizens past, present and future, this is the first volume in a collectible series that charts the rise of a distinctive Mississippi Delta community.