Greenwood: Mississippi Memories, Vol. 3

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Allan Hammons, Mary Carol Miller and Donny Whitehead

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Greenwood residents past and present have rejoiced over the excellent collections of photos and histories from their hometown's great past. With Greenwood: Mississippi Memories, Vol. 1 depicting the first century of Greenwood, and the discovery of Calvin Cox's stupendous trove of Depression-era photos in Greenwood: Mississippi Memories, Vol. 2, fans are curious to know what local historians Allan Hammons, Mary Carol Miller, and Donny Whitehead will come up with next.

In Greenwood: Mississippi Memories, Vol. 3, we find the town recovering from the Great Depression and war looming in Europe. With many of its young people heading overseas, the community rallied around Greenwood Army Air Field and its personnel, who carried Delta hospitality back home to the four corners of America.

The new book contains more than 350 photos capturing the drama and dream of the late 1930s and 1940s. From marching cadets to high-stepping majorettes, life in Greenwood is seen through the camera's lens and brought to life for future generations.