Elsie Mae Has Something to Say

$ 16.99

Nancy J. Cavanaugh

Have you ever just wanted to be a hero? Well, Elsie Mae has. She wants to be this big hero so her mama and daddy can say, “Elsie Mae is really somethin’!” So, when she hears that a ship canal is going to go through the Okefenokee Swamp and just ruin it, she wrote a letter to President Roosevelt asking him to stop them.

Every summer she goes away with her Uncle Owen to her grandparents’ house in the Okefenokee Swamp. On the ride there, Uncle Owen tells her about this special surprise she’s going to get when she gets there. The surprise turns out to be a dog! Elsie Mae named the dog Huck. Later that night, Huck ate all of the leftover huckleberry pie! Elsie Mae sat down on her front porch with her dog when Uncle Owen and Uncle Lone started coming up the hill. They started talking about hog bandits and that’s when Elsie Mae figured out that robbers were stealing people’s hogs. But it would be awhile before she got to do anything about it.

The next day, Elsie Mae took Huck out on Uncle Owen’s boat. At first, it was a little hard to get him in, but once she did, they had a great time! That night, Elsie Mae heard an unfamiliar voice. They said he was Henry James. She listened to the conversation and realized that he was her cousin. She didn’t like him from the very beginning. He said hallelujah a whole bunch and he just preached and preached and preached.

Will Elsie Mae be able to save the Okefenokee and stop the hog bandits or will everything be lost and Henry James just hallelujah Elsie Mae to death?

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