Greenglass House

$ 7.99

Kate Milford

Do you ever feel like your plans are just wrecked because of someone else coming and completely changing them? Well, in this story I’m about to tell you about, a boy named Milo has. And this is the story about how his life changed forever.

It all started the first day of Christmas break. First, let me tell you a little bit about Milo. He was adopted when he was very young. His adopted parents run a hotel. Milo lives in that hotel. But, that hotel isn’t a regular hotel. It’s a hotel for smugglers. I think, in my imagination, smugglers are robbers and people who have stolen in their past. I sort of get scared when I hear the word smugglers. The name of this hotel? You should probably already know – Greenglass House.

Now, back to the first day of Christmas vacation. All of the sudden, a bell rang. The bell meant that people had arrived to stay at the hotel. When they came in, first came DeCary Vinge. Next came Georgie Moselle. Third came two people. Milo thought they looked like people from a nursery rhyme called “Mrs. Up and Mr. Down,” so that’s what he decided to call them. Their real names are Mrs. Hereward and Dr. Wilbur Gowervine. Next came Clem Candler. And that is everybody who came to disturb him.

The next morning, Milo met their chef’s daughter, Meddy. The next day, Meddy introduced Milo to a game called “Odd Trails,” although they played it slightly differently. A while later, Meddy and Milo went to the attic. While they were playing the game, they called it the Emporium. On their way down, they saw Dr. Gowervine creeping into Clem’s room.

A few days later, somebody was a thief in their house! Somebody had stolen people’s possessions. Milo and Meddy were determined to find out who did it and why. So, they spent awhile looking for the objects. A while later, they figured out why Georgie and Clem were there. That same night, a man arrived. Georgie and Clem were there because they were searching for the key to this mysterious man’s heart. But he appeared there before them, and he chose Clem instead of Georgie.

Then, it was Christmas Eve. Who stole the objects? Will they figure out in time? Or will Greenglass House be robbed item after item?

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