City of Grudges

$ 16.95

Rick Outzen

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When publisher of a struggling independent weekly newspaper in Florida’s Panhandle writes that his friend and beloved Pensacola philanthropist is an embezzler, he finds he’s gone too far in his habitual uncovering of secrets of the town’s feuding members and their corruption, racism, and injustice. This time someone is found dead, and his enemies blame him.

For the past decade Walker Holmes has published the Pensacola Insider, an alt-weekly that struggles to stay solvent while reporting on corruption, racism, and injustice in Pensacola, where progress has been stonewalled for generations. When Holmes publishes an article revealing that Bo Hines, one of Pensacola’s most beloved figures, has been stealing funds from the Arts Council, he may have gone too far. As tensions build, Hines’s wife is found dead, and half the town, including the corrupt sheriff, think Holmes is responsible. Holmes is determined to bring the truth to light, but what he uncovers is more than he bargained for. In order to solve the mystery, he has to unravel the many toxic and enduring grudges poisoning Pensacola—and before it’s too late. In City of Grudges, publisher and reporter Rick Outzen writes straight from the heart in his stories based on own experience.

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