Kat Greene Comes Clean

$ 16.99

Melissa Roske

Do you know how moms can sometimes be a little funny about keeping things clean? (No offense, moms!) Well, Kat Greene’s mom goes way over the limit. She has OCD. OCD is a sickness where you keep on checking things twice and you wash your hands A LOT!

It all starts out when Kat’s mom is scrubbing the floor with an electric toothbrush. (Yep, you read that right.) You can sorta see how Kat’s mom goes over the limit by scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush just because she saw it on TV. And, as I bet you can tell, Kat is embarrassed about it. Her parents are divorced. She has a little brother. He is her dad and step-mom’s son. Kat has to babysit for him often. His name is Henry Greene.

Now we move onto her best friend, Halle. Halle is obsessed with a boy named Michael McGraw. Ever since she fell in love with him, Halle’s been talking about him non-stop and not really paying attention to Kat. Halle keeps thinking that Michael likes her, but since Kat was standing beside her every time that he turned around to look at her, it wasn’t really Halle that he was looking at – it was Kat!! Now, Halle’s convinced that Kat is trying to steal Michael from her. So Halle hasn’t really been talking to her for a while. She even doesn’t want to go trick-or-treating with her for Halloween (and Halloween is Halle’s favorite holiday!).

And Kat’s mom’s OCD is getting worse - her hands turn red and raw. She gets on a show called “Clean Sweep” and she faints. The doctor rushes up to Kat’s mom. The doctor says that she’s going to be alright; she’s just fainted. When they get home, Kat’s mom doesn’t want to do anything. She goes straight to sleep. The next morning, she’s tired and grumpy. She won’t even eat her favorite food, French toast!

And just wait ‘til you meet Olympia. She’s is a big part of the story. She helps Kat a lot. Will Kat’s mom get better, or will she get very, very sick? Maybe even die? Will Kat and Halle get back together, or will Kat’s life just be a disaster

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