Nevermoor: the Trials of Morrigan Crow

$ 17.99

Jessica Townsend

Are you cursed? Do you know someone who’s cursed? Well, Morrigan Crow is cursed. She is cursed to make bad things happen. Everything that’s bad is blamed on her.

Morrigan is also supposed to die on Eventide. That’s a sign of a new age. She was born on Eventide, eleven years ago. Anybody who was born on that night was cursed. According to the curse, it was the night that Morrigan was going to die. All of the sudden, a stranger appeared in Crow Manor (where Morrigan lived). The stranger said his name was Jupiter and, in a second, he took Morrigan by the hand and swished a curtain down off of the window where Morrigan was. Oddly, all the family members thought it was Morrigan lying dead. Even though they continue to think that she died, it was just a curtain.

All of the sudden, Morrigan saw something coming up the stairs where Jupiter and Morrigan were standing. On the count of three, Jupiter said “jump” and they did. They landed in a vehicle that looked a lot like a spider. The spider crawled all through Eventide celebrations and eventually they landed in a place called Nevermoor.

But soon, Morrigan found out that she was competing for a place in the Wundrous Society. Her first trial was a book trial where she had to know the history of Nevermoor. The second task was a race. The third task was a fright trial. And the fourth was the show trial. The show trial was when each person had to show off his or her special talent, and those who had the best talents were chosen to be in the top nine for the Wundrous Society.

Will Morrigan Crow win the trials and get into the Wundrous Society. Or will she have to be taken back to confront a deadly fate?

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