Land of Stories: Worlds Collide

$ 19.99

Chris Colfer

In the other books, there’s a family with two children named Alex and Conner. Their grandmother gives them a book and it’s magic. They fall into it. It transports them to the Land of Stories, the place where all the fairy tale people live. They go into some other books with a potion and try to stop an army that’s trying to take over the world. They recruit some characters from books you might have already read: Peter Pan, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Robin Hood, and some short stories that Conner wrote himself.

Now, they are trying to stop the army and some witches have taken control of Alex’s mind and are making her fight on the bad side. Will they get Alex back and defeat the bad guys in time, or will all be lost and Alex die under the imprisonment of the spell that made her bad?

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