$ 6.99

Ursula Vernon

Dragonbreath is a fantasy about a dragon named Danny. He cannot breathe fire, even though he is a dragon. It is also about his best friend, an iguana named Wendell. Wendell is like the smarty in this book. It all begins when Danny forgets to do his ocean homework and relies on Wendell to tell him all the answers. Wendell couldn’t tell him about anything because he didn’t like to cheat. And that was one of the only things he didn’t know about. So, Danny goes home to his mother for advice. She tells him to visit his cousin, Edward. Edward is a sea serpent. Danny and Wendell visit him and he gives them mints that help them breathe underwater. They go on an adventure.

Will Danny make an “A” on his project? Will they get killed or will they survive?


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