Creative Truths Book Club

What's it all about? 

Every season, we love to find that book that we can hand to almost anyone with a guarantee that they'll enjoy it. Sometimes it's a daring novel by a debut writer, or a lost classic discovered anew. But more often than not, we've found that our "sure thing" book is a creative nonfiction work by an author who excels at spinning an engaging narrative out of a true story. Maybe it's the thrilling adventures of a famous 20th century leader long before he was a household name. Or the endlessly fascinating but little-known field of military health science. Or the untold story of the African American women who helped the US win the space race. These were all Turnrow favorites from the moment they dropped into our laps, and they'll continue to be "sure things" for as long as we're selling books. The purpose of the Creative Truths Book Club is to find the next great nonfiction book and to pass it along to you as a signed first edition.

What are some more books you've picked in the past?

View a complete list of our past selections here.

What's included with my subscription?

Once you complete our form on the next page, we'll send you a signed first edition of a brand new creative nonfiction book at the start of each month. We work with publishers, authors, and other independent booksellers to pick thrilling new titles of enduring quality.

How does it work?

All it costs is the price of the book(s) plus shipping. When you submit your form, we'll read over your form and follow up with a phone call. At that time, you can indicate your preferred payment option. Should you ever receive a book that you already own, you can send it back to us at no extra cost and we'll replace it with a new title. Club subscription is indefinite, so if you decide to leave the club, just call us and let us know.

That sounds great! Sign me up!

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