The Custom Book Club

What's it all about?

Our Child's First Book Club has been so much fun for our young readers that naturally we want to extend it to grown-ups as well! If you've ever visited our store, you know we carefully curate our shelves with only the best selections of titles new and old. Whether you grab an eye-catching book yourself or it's handed to you by one of our dedicated booksellers, you can be sure it was read and loved by a living, breathing human who wants you to enjoy it too. With The Custom Book Club, those handpicked titles can be delivered into your hands - just as if you'd been in the store with us.

What's included with my subscription?

Once you complete our form to tell us exactly what you like, we'll pick out exciting books tailored to your taste and send them directly to your door every month. The volume and scope of your subscription is up to you. Hardcover or paperback, signed or unsigned, fiction or nonfiction, new or old, one book or several - you customize your own club. Each book will be gift-wrapped and shipped in a box, sometimes with a few extra treats thrown in.

How does it work?

All it costs is the price of the book(s) plus shipping. When you submit your form, we'll read over your preferences and follow up with a phone call. At that time, you can indicate your preferred payment option. Should you ever receive a book that you already own, you can send it back to us at no extra cost and we'll replace it with a new title. Club subscription is indefinite, so if you decide to leave the club, just call us and let us know.

This is amazing! Let's get started!

We agree! Subscribe now.