$ 35.00

Joyce Blaylock

Author event at downtown Greenwood's Holiday Open House - Thursday 11/9, 5-8 PM

This character driven novel follows the fortunes of Adelicia Hayes Franklin Acklen, who subsequently becomes Nashville’s most famous and enigmatic personality of the 19th century.

Adelicia is not a biography, but an historical fiction based on Adelicia’s life and historical events of the time. Twenty-one, self-willed and ambitious, Adelicia steps into the Nashville of 1838, as it is making its transition from frontier town to enterprising city. After her first husband’s death, she arguably becomes the wealthiest woman in America. However, her wealth offers little protection from the sufferings of the human heart, and Adelicia has her share. She endures the premature deaths of her first two husbands, as well as those of six of her ten children.