Doubter's Almanac

$ 28.00

Ethan Canin

A spellbinding novel about one man’s search for the truth about his mysterious, famous, genius, eccentric father—and about a father and son learning to understand each other in order to understand their own selves. From the New York Times bestselling author of America America, For Kings and Planets and The Palace Thief.

Milo Andret, the genius who solved the Malosz Conjecture and won the Fields Medal for mathematics, has a reputation as one of the century’s most outrageous men, and most brilliant thinkers. Milo had an eerie mind from birth, but not until he moves to Berkeley in the 1970s to pursue a Ph.D. is the extent of his singular talents discovered: from the drug-soaked enclaves of California to the drunken yet verdant lawns of Princeton University, from turbo-charged Wall Street to the eerie woods of Michigan, Milo’s life forms the backbone of a sweeping, epic story about a father and son, love, passion, heredity and family, especially Milo’s strange relationship with his family. With magnificent prose and storytelling magic, Ethan Canin gives us a suspenseful, original novel about a genius, and a son’s quest to understand the mystery of his outsized father’s life, and its legacy in his own.