Drawing the Line

$ 39.95

Marshall Ramsey


For the past 20 years, award-winning editorial cartoonist Marshall Ramsey has covered it all. From Hurricane Katrina to hijinks under the state Capitol dome, Ramsey's cartoons have documented two decades of Mississippi's colorful history. Now The Clarion-Ledger proudly brings you 172 of Ramsey's best cartoons.

From Gov. Kirk Fordice's beret and Frank Melton's "Hug Me" badges to ElectionMan, Ramsey draws with a sharp pencil and a sharp eye. He doesn't shy away from controversy, either. It's work driven by a deep passion for his home of 20 years. Ramsey believes if you can laugh at what drives you crazy, you'll be better off.

Drawing the Line is a book filled with love, laughs and lots of scribbly lines.