Dudgeons and Daggers

$ 19.99

Troy Carnes

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Former Pillow Academy basketball coach and teacher Troy Carnes returns to Greenwood with a thrilling new novel.

Fate and fortune are cut from the same cloth as are honor and integrity, but above all, there is loyalty..

A pact of honor and responsibility is taken on D-Day by William Dunavant and Alex Powe; both expectant fathers who know they may not survive the invasion. When Powe is captured, tortured and killed, Dunavant vows to keep his promise…

Fourteen years later, Dunavant visits Powe’s son, Nick, for the first time, telling the young man how his father died and of their lifetime agreement. Nick is a natural sniper and considers his ability a gift; one he is fated and honed to use.

Grace Dunavant is an intelligent, driven young woman cut of the same cloth as her father. Suspicious of her father’s role in past and current events, she confronts him after finding a letter from Simon Wiesenthal regarding the search for a Nazi war criminal, the very one who killed Powe—Werner Krueger.

Grace and Nick make a much more personal pact; one of dudgeons and daggers.