Out of the Earth: A Memoir

$ 19.95

L. Pete Heard


“In Out of the Earth, Pete Heard takes us from his boyhood exploring Mississippi’s backwoods and bottomlands to his notable accomplishments as a national conservation leader. Pete has lived, worked and grown with the conservation movement, and his deep commitment to environmental stewardship runs like a steady stream through the time to put it down for us, and for the generations that will follow.”
Dr. Curt Meine, conservation biologist, writer and historian, and Senior Fellow,
Aldo Leopold Foundation

“The book is a great read and a fascinating account of the continual battle between conserving our heritage (our natural resources) and the dirty world of politics... I was brought to tears, laughter, sadness, joy, and rage...”
Jim Geltch, CEO, Nuffield International, Australia

“Reading Out of the Earth is like settling in for a warm, heart-to-heart chat with Pete Heard. In this intimate memoir, Heard traces the roots of his passion for conservation back to his childhood as a sharecropper’s son during the Great Depression, a time when life was harsh yet beautiful in its simplicity, and when maintaining a deep connection to the land was necessary for both physical survival and for spiritual fulfillment.
It serves to inspire in others not only a renewed respect for the earth, but also a deeper connection with its Creator.”
Stephen Kirkpatrick, Wildlife Photographer, Madison, MS

“In reading Pete’s story, I’m impressed by his life — he joins the honor roll of American conservationists. Our nation owes him a big thank you.
Paul Johnson, former USDA-NRCS Chief