She Laughs

$ 11.95

Amanda Coleman

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Amanda learned from a young age to be tough as nails. After losing two close relatives and blending into a new family, Amanda transformed into a strong-willed girl determined to make her dreams come true. When life became even more challenging, Amanda began trusting that her faith in God would carry her through.

In a candid account of her life, Amanda chronologically leads others through her personal story as she matured, eventually married the love of her life, and became a nurse who excitedly embraced her son as he entered the world. But everything changed after Amanda gave birth to her second baby and received devastating news. Her precious daughter had several birth defects that included webbed fingers and toes. As she transformed once again—this time into a mother raising a child with special needs—Amanda discloses how she learned to trust that God’s plan was greater than her own. By sharing her moving story, Amanda reminds all of us that through persistence and faith in God, we, too, can survive our greatest challenges in life.

She Laughs shares the inspiring story of one mother’s faithful journey through the challenges of raising a daughter with special needs.

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