Stainless Steel Kimono

$ 20.00

Elliott Chaze

First edition, first printing of Chaze's first novel.

"Hard as nails!

That's what the United States Army trained the paratroopers to be. The Stainless Steel Kimono is the ribald story of seven young paratroopers trained to fight tough and dirty -- then assigned to occupy Japan when the shooting war was over.

Here is their never-fail cigarette test for telling if a girl is a quick trick. The risks of playing footie with a pretty Japanese girl at the family dinner table. A sure-fire recipe for livening up a dull New Year's Eve... and much more.

No matter what the incident, Elliott Chaze captures with honesty and sure humor some of the most rowdy and bizarre experiences a soldier can have."

--from the 1955 first edition back cover

Book is in a protective plastic case in fair condition.