Tales from Adventureland: Keymaster's Quest

$ 14.99

Jason Lethcoe

Have you ever attended a weird funeral? Well, Andy Stanley has. It’s the funeral of his grandfather, Ned Lostmore.

At the funeral, Andy met some really weird people. Also, he could have been nicknamed “Clumsy,” because he did clumsy things all the time. Like, at the funeral, when they were gathered in a big circle around the tombstone, he tripped. He reached out for the only thing that could break his fall – one of the four iron rods. The four iron rods were there as a preacher prayed during the funeral. Then, lightning struck. It hit one of the metal rods that Andy was holding onto and, when he let go, the ground was ablaze. Everyone tried to put the fire out. The funeral was ruined!

When Andy went back to his grandfather’s house after the funeral, he noticed a letter that his grandfather had given him a long time ago. He had forgotten about it over the years. When he opened it up, it said,

Hi, Andy! This is your grandfather, Ned. I was an adventurer. I need your help because I am stuck in a trap during my voyage to a temple. There are many dangerous things along this journey. I ask you to come and help me. Signed, Ned

Underneath that, there was a clue. Andy read it. It took him awhile, but he finally figured out what it meant. He followed the rest of the clues until they led to a key. Beside the key was a map. The map led to a suit of armor where a lock was engraved. Andy fit the key in the lock, and a passageway opened up. He went down the passageway. All of a sudden, the armor screeched back in place.

Andy came to many turns and finally found his way through the maze. At the very end, there was a library. There was a robot his grandfather had invented. He led him around, but when Andy tried to ask him a question about his voyage, he didn’t tell him anything. Will Andy succeed in his voyage, or will all come to a dangerous end? Or will the villain win?


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