Tapestry of Red and Blue: Ole Miss Sports 1945-1970

$ 29.95

Al Povall

An oral history of Ole Miss Sports from 1945-1970. Never-before-heard stories from the likes of Jimmy Lear, Raymond Brown, Jake Gibbs, Archie Manning, and dozens of others.

A native of Lexington, Mississippi, Al Povall graduated from Ole Miss in 1963 with a B.A. Subsequently, he served as a Naval Officer, including two combat tours in Vietnam, and then earned a J. D. from the Ole Miss Law School and a Master of Laws from the Yale Law School. Povall practiced law for 21 years, much of it representing BellSouth Corporation. Retired since 1998, he and his wife Janet live in Oxford, Mississippi. Povall is the author of The Time of Eddie Noel, which was a nominee for the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters best nonfiction award in 2011.