Princess in Black

$ 6.99

Shannon and Dean Hale

This book is about a princess and a duchess. The duchess unexpectedly appeared at the princess’ tower. The princess’ name is Princess Magnolia and the duchess’ name is Duchess Wigtower. Duchess Wigtower liked to learn everyone’s secret. She told Princess Magnolia this. Princess Magnolia got frightened because she had a very big secret. She was secretly the Princess in Black! All of a sudden, her ring started beeping. The ring was her monster alarm. She didn’t want Duchess Wigtower to know, so she said, “Maybe it’s just a bird,” even though the beep didn’t sound anything like a bird. “Maybe it’s sick,” she said. And she ran off to stop the monster!

Princess Magnolia rode on her pony to the monster. Will they defeat the monster? Will the duchess figure out her secret? Or will everything be just fine?


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