Tiger in the Honeysuckle

$ 40.00

Elliott Chaze

First US Edition

"The scene of this explosive novel is a small city in Mississippi today. The story is of a Southern-born small town newspaper reporter, Chris Haines, who in the process of covering an extended civil rights demonstration discovers some disturbing and dangerous truths about himself and his fellow townsmen. It is the story of cumulative indignation and of his final open rebellion against the white establishment.

The narrative presents a vivid picture of the effect of a civil rights demonstration on a Southern town. There is here a subjective dissection of the town, its newspaper, its politics, its social structure and its relentless hypocrisy. It is the author's belief that there are many Southerners who believe that the Negro should be allowed first-class citizenship but who confuse sexual fears, race pride and the grip of environment with bona-fide hatred and distaste and who fear the anger of their fellow whites even more than they do the prospect of integration.

In the book, Chris Haines falls in love and has an affair with a Negro girl. The story of his painful dilemma and ultimate strength is beautifully handled. While this is a brutal story at heart, there is a rich sprinkling of humour and sympathetic understanding. It is a powerful book on an important theme. It is alternately wildly funny, bitterly sarcastic, damning and not without pathos. It is, in fact, a book in which the moral and intellectual blemishes of both black and white are exposed clearly. Elliott Chaze has written a burning time-bomb of a novel that probes the U.S.'s racial dilemma at its source."

--from the 1965 first edition endpapers

Book is in a protective Mylar cover